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Wednesday, 28 May 2008


The view from outside my flat at about 8:30pm tonight. The recent long days of glorious sunshine have been swiftly replaced by fog and rain and gloom and it's now like there is no summer. After one day. It was a shock to not be woken up by the sunshine this morning, just as it initially had been a shock to have been woken by the sunshine while not having slept in for work! Please come back summer sunshine, I had plans for you!

Otherwise an uneventful day. I did manage to pick up the new Spiritualized and Wedding Present albums on the way to the gym. Just listening to the Spiritualized ("Songs in A&E") now, and eight tracks in I'm quite taken with it. "Sweet Talk" is especially lovely. The Weddoes will get next listen.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

sigur rós - "gobbledigook"

The first material from the upcoming 5th Sigur Rós record, 'Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust', has been made available for download this evening. Clocking in at just over 3 minutes, "Gobbledigook" is certainly more succinct than much of the bands previous material. The track is the album opener, and upon listening does feel like it's building up to something grander - but maybe that's just preconceptions? Musically it's quite simple in construction, strummed acoustic guitar over a skipping drumbeat bolstered by handclaps, and some lovely backing vocals. Very pretty, and 'warmer' than a lot of their older work.

Download available from

lykke li - "little bit"

A million years behind the rest of the world i'm sure, but i only heard this for the first time last night and have become obsessed. However, unsurprisingly, like most indie boys from the age of 18-40 i'm a sucker for pretty much any Scando-pop. While it's probably an awful comparison, i think this is a nice midpoint between The Concretes (tweeness) and Robyn (danceability). It definitely sounds Swedish, i couldn't really imagine it being made by a UK/US artist.

voi vittu!

So this is where it starts, then?

I've not really decided what to write about yet, I used to do this before but it was never that interesting to read. Hopefully it is worth another shot.

I like music, girls, cycling, drinking, photographs and my job, so I guess that's what I'll write about in time.